Manual Transmission

We have a brand new 2021 Mazda CX30 with Manual transmission to train you in Manual Car!

Automatic Gear

All services are delivered in modern, automatic transmission vehicles with dual brakes. Vehicle modifications have been carried out according to the department's requirement. 

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1/4 Week Driving Course

We can assist you to complete your CBT&A training in as little as 3 weeks given the condition that you have done 75 Hrs in supervised driving, flexible and are able to adjust to all possible available spots! ** Ts & Cs applies for you to qualify.  

Pre-VORT Lesson/s

We always recommend to have at least one driving lesson to make sure that you are aware of all required aspects of VORT to increase potential to pass in first attempt. 

Packages Available

It is always cheap to buy stuff in bulk ! Yes; we consider the same when it comes to booking a multiple driving sessions and a test bundle. We can also work out a CBT&A package. Call us to discuss or book online. 

Pay Per Lesson/Test

We also understand that not everyone is in a position to pre-purchase all lessons they need. So we also welcome students who wish to pay as they go in their training. 

Female Instructors

We always respect and understand your need of requiring FEMALE Instructors based on religion or belief or experience. We respect your felling and we will try our best to provide a female instructors where possible :) 


The future of driving. EV

It’s time to move forward. Come for the charge. Stay for the car. Better than snoozing: driving an EV. Push pollution out of the way. Moving towards Zero emissions & Zero compromises.

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