Frequently asked questions

Should I do CBT&A (Logbook) or VORT?

There is no definite answer that we can come up with as choosing the method can be dependent on many factors including and not limited to: finance, time, current confidence/competency levels, amount of lessons required, past license/training history, experience levels etc.

Though to help you out we have created a table that can assist you to make a decision.

How long will it take me to learn to drive?

It can take as little as 2 weeks to few months; depending upon your ability to learn things, confidence and current competency level.

How many lessons do I need to be a competent driver?

There is not one line answer that we can come up with for every driver. In VORT, student may need as minimum as 1 lesson to as many as they need to feel confident and competent before appearing for a VORT. For CBT&A, if you are very confident and experienced then you may need as little as 12 sessions to 20 sessions and a final drive.

Does it matter where the driving school is located?

We usually teach students around 20-25 KMs radius from Adelaide CBD.

Which routes are taken during driving lessons?

We design routes based on your requirement and future training required. The lessons can start and finish at a location convenient to you depending upon the booking availability.

Should I learn in an Automatic car only?

It’s a very personal preference and DPTI does not have a distinguish license categories in SA. That means you achieve exactly same license using an auto or a manual car. Though we only have an automatic cars. For many reasons an automatic vehicle is a more popular purchase, mostly due to driver comfort and ease of movement through urban and city driving environments. An automatic car is much easier to drive and you may not need as many driving sessions.

What type of car are available in Adelaide School of Driving?

Kia Sportage Auto

Toyota Camry Auto

Toyota Corolla Auto

When should I get driving lessons?

You should ideally book your lessons as soon as you get your learner’s permit. Lessons are most effective when you are new to driving.

What times are offered for driving lessons?

7 days a week. From as early as 7 AM to 7 PM. We also offer long late night lessons if needed as a special arrangement. There may be a surcharge applicable for special bookings, late nights, public holidays and or remote locations.

Are these cars protected by insurance?

Yes. All of our vehicles are covered with fully comprehensive insurance covering all drivers of all ages with legal learners permit.

Will my instructor record the hours in my logbook?

Yes. You should request this as soon as the lesson is finished.

Will my instructor sign CBT&A tasks?

Not all Instructors are authorized to sign CBT&A tasks. The instructor in question must be Authorized Examiner for CBT&A.

How long do lessons go for?

60 min or 90 min. We also offer 2-5 Hr lesson but it is only available on special request.

How long VORT goes?

If everything is progressing as needed during the test then it can go for as little as 45 min to 60 min depending upon the traffic conditions.

How long CBT&A final drive goes for?

CBT&A final drive’s primary assessment is supposed to go for minimum 25 min. If you fail in Primary Assessment then you will be offered Secondary Assessment.

What are the lessons charges?

See BOOK ONLINE section or LESSONS section for detailed information.

What are the rules for steering?

There are two correct methods of steering a vehicle, which are known as the pull-push method or the hand-over-hand method. A Motor Driving Instructor should assist you in determining which method is the most suitable for you.

How can I use Pull Push Steering Technique?

How can I use Hand Over Hand Steering Technique?


In South Australia, there are two ways to obtain your Driver's License, the 'Competency Based Training & Assessment' (Log Book) System or CBT&A and the 'Practical Vehicle On Road Test’ or VORT System.

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* Ts & Cs applicable for 1 week express course in CBT&A.

** 3/4 Week Driving Course/ 1 Week Express Course via CBT&A is only applicable if you are free anytime for 3 weeks/1 week minimum & everyday between 8AM-6PM. You have to accommodate to all offered classes and not reject any offered classes.     

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Refund Policy

There are no refund given for any pre-booked VORT. All online bookings are non-refundable unless we can not provide the service in designated area or  type of service booked. Though in some special cases (example natural disaster like COVID-19 or reasons out of student's/school's control) we may offer partial refund on case by case basis if the package was partially used. In those cases if you change your mind half way through the training and breached the agreement then the partial refund will be calculated based on full lesson price; not according to the discounted price. The school will deduct the full lesson prices and any quotation/planning cost from money paid and the rest will be refunded back to same bank account. Also note that the card facility provider does take 10-15 business days to complete the full refund procedure from the day we finalize it from our end. 

1 DAY VORT COURSE CONDITION FOR SUBSEQUENT VORTs: No further attempts allowed for free if you fail your VORT because of ROAD LAW breach/ IMMIDIATE FAIL items. Re-attempts are only allowed if you couldn't score 90% while maintaining 100% in ROAD RULES. Re-test only after 14 days minimum depending upon our works schedule.

CBT&A Courses : Just because you pay online that doesn't guarantee the time frame. We will assess your driving on first lesson and then will confirm the future plan. If we can not deliver the results in requested time frame then we will discuss alternative options to move forward.   


Adelaide School of Driving does not provide legal advice. General information is provided on the understanding that the school does not accept liability for any loss or damage incurred by any person as a consequence of or in use, reference or reliance on this information shall be at the sole risk of that person who should seek the advice of their own legal representatives. The information and data on this document is subject to change without notice. To get an accurate and up to date information; you must either call Service SA on 13 10 84 (Mon-Fri 9AM – 5 PM) or visit 

This document includes links or information from other websites operated by community, business and government which are not part of Adelaide School of Driving. All recommendations are only made in a good faith and to increase the knowledge or chances to succeed in your driving assessments/lessons.

Use of the information and data contained within this document or these pages is at your sole risk. If you rely on the information on this document you are responsible for ensuring by independent verification of its accuracy, currency and completeness.

We have tried our best to note down all important steps for Learner’s, Overseas license holders with Temporary Driving Permit (3 months permit) or Overseas license holders with Temporary Learner’s/Provisional permit. We may have missed some steps and it is your responsibility to make sure that you do enough research before using this document as an ULTIMATE GUIDE.  

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