Our Team of Volunteers

Youth unemployment is a significant issue in any part of Adelaide. If they can obtain a driver's licence then it is a crucial step towards building the confidence of young people and helping their future opportunities. The person with valid current license has higher possibilities of getting great job opportunities. Volunteers Driver help young people gain confidence while learning to drive. Many young people in Adelaide don't have access to a car or someone to help them learn how to drive. Our goal is to provide, in partnership with the Community, job agencies, a sustainable community learner driver supervising service that has the capacity to meet the growing needs of disadvantaged communities or youth within South Australia. Volunteer drivers provide assistance to people in need who are identified as disadvantaged by various job agencies using cars provided by Adelaide School of Driving throughout Adelaide area.

Volunteer Drivers are usually only required to drive within reasonable business hours. They all have NPC and DCSI clearances. They also may be one the future driving instructors who are trying to gain experience in the industry before stepping in as full time worker. They also have long standing experience in driving various vehicles over past few years. Volunteer drivers are always consulted before new client has been taken onboard. They always have the option of saying no; as we understand that our Volunteers have additional commitments and personal requirements for their personal lives. 

Many people find it hard to complete their 75 supervised hours of practice to attain the driver’s licence, especially if they don’t have access to a suitable vehicle or family members or friends who can help. Adelaide School of Driving is always looking for volunteer mentors to help people who are in a need to increase their skills and abilities to not only become a good driver on road but also to gain a responsible driving experience. Adelaide School of Driving will provide cars which are registered, fully insured, with required modification including dash cam to meet the requirements for safety & cover the cost to run the day to day operations.

If you are looking to get help please do not hesitate to contact our school and we will endeavour our best to help you in every way. 

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