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Adelaide School of Driving does not offer legal counsel. The information provided herein is general in nature and is provided with the understanding that the school bears no liability for any loss or damage incurred as a result of its use, reference, or reliance upon. Users are advised to seek guidance from their own legal advisors for specific legal matters. Please note that the information and data contained in this document are subject to change without prior notification.

For accurate and current information, we recommend contacting Service SA at 13 10 84 (Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM) or visiting their official website at

Majority of the below documents are prepared, written, updated and maintained by the department/government.

This document may contain links or information sourced from external websites operated by community, business, or government entities, which are independent of Adelaide School of Driving. All recommendations are made in good faith and are intended to enhance knowledge and improve the likelihood of success in driving assessments and lessons.


Your use of the information and data within this document or its associated pages is at your own discretion and risk. Should you rely on the information provided herein, you are responsible for independently verifying its accuracy, currency, and completeness.


While we have endeavored to include all pertinent steps for Learners, Overseas License Holders with Temporary Driving Permits (3 months permit), or any other permit, it is possible that some steps may have been overlooked. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to conduct thorough research to ensure the accuracy and reliability of this document as an ultimate guide.

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